Zanzibar is situated in the Indian Ocean, 36 km off the coastline of mainland Tanzania lies Zanzibar. Zanzibar officially refers to the archipelago that include Unguja and Pemba, surrounded by about 50 smaller ones.

Covering an area of 1464 sq km, Zanzibar is a mainly low lying island, with it’s highest point at 120 meters.

Zanzibar is an island state within the United Republic of Tanzania, and has its own semi-autonomous government made up of a Revolutionary Council and House of Representatives.

It has been a trading centre of the whole of East Africa and hence, attracted many Sumerians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Chinese and Malays. The great portal for slavery and explorers.

It is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, warm and clear blue Indian ocean waters, idyllic islands, excellent reefs for snorkeling and diving, wonderful deep sea fishing and beach sports adventures.

The historic Stone Town (also called city of ages) with its narrow winding old streets, vivid markets and colourful bazaars makes for an interesting cultural and holiday visit.

Commonly known as the “Spice Island”; famous for spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, peper and others. Spice tours are a popular excursion.